Perks for your contribution!

$1 Instant Karma

Instant Karma-Love from everyone at Hit Man to Hero!

$10 Social Media Blitz

Social Media Blitz! A big thank you/mention from the Hit Man to Hero Facebook and Twitter. (And Karma for you as well!)

$25 Music to your ears!

Music to Your Ears! A digital download of the original score of the film. (And all of the above)

$50 Our Best Shots

A digital album of behind the scenes photos of our trips to Nicaragua. (And all of the above)


$100 Signed and Delivered!

Pre-release copy of the official Hit Man to Hero movie poster, signed by director Dan Parris (And all of the above)


$250 Internet Fame!

Permanent recognition of your contribution on the official Hit Man to Hero website and all of the above incentives to boot!

$500 Tangible "Our Best Shots"

Our best shots in real live book form! Not to mention all the incentives from above!

$1,000 Big Screen Legend!

Immortalized on the big screen! Your name and our special thanks in the credits and all of the above!

$2,500 Associate Producer!

Not just special thanks for you, but a credit in the film! (And all the above)

$5,000 Premier Perk!

Invitation to the official premiere party for Hit Man to Hero. See a beatiful film and mingle with the crew! (And all the above)

$10,000 Private Party

A private screening of Hit Man to Hero for you and twenty friends. Why "Ooh" and "Aah" over your film credit on your own? Share with your favorite people and become one of our favorite people!

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