Hit Man To Hero is the true story of a 47 year old man named Oscar who was born and raised and continues to live in Nicaragua. Oscar experienced terror and hatred in his childhood and was recruited to be a soldier for the Sandinista Army in the 1970s as a young teenager. Filled with rage from abuse and violence in his life, including witnessing his brother being burned alive, Oscar sought revenge. Proud of his accomplishments with the army, Oscar was honored to be sent to Cuba to train for six years to become a General. Returning as a "hit man" for the Sandinistas, he continued to seek vengeance through violence and to search for his brother's murderers, eventually killing one of them.

Oscar became a drug smuggler, an alcoholic and cocaine addict and experienced the deepest of human suffering. At the very peak of despair, Oscar searched to understand the meaning of God, and found personal strength to not only forgive himself and his enemies, but to self-rehabilitate and leave behind his life of alcohol and drugs. Oscar eventually met an American woman, April, who was on a self-awareness journey stemming from her own experience of abuse. Through this process, April was reaching out to women involved in prostitution in Nicaragua. Today, Oscar, married with three children, works with April to rescue women and children from sexual slavery. Oscar's journey teaches all of us that we have the power in our own souls to find freedom, love and beauty.

In Hit Man To Hero we learn how we can all make a difference in the world through our daily decisions & path through life, shown dramatically through Oscar's personal story.